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Handgun Training for Women

More and more surveys conducted and reported recently continue to point to the same conclusion. That is that women are tending to choose the use of firearms as a form of protection for themselves and their loved ones. With this choice however, comes the serious need for proper training in the safe and proper use and storage of their firearms.According to published reports, violent crime rates over-all are decreasing year after year and have been doing so in a fairly steady and consistent manner since about 1968. Yes, there have been some ups and downs (the 90s were known for their ups) but over-all, theyre down.

The fall of crime rates can be directly attributed to the fact that Americans are becoming more concerned with safety and in no group is this more evident than with women. Women as a group are still more likely to be victims of violent crime but now, more and more women are taking action to defend themselves from the sense that they and their homes and families are not actually as safe as members of other groups.

Last year in the state of Tennessee, 1 in 5 of all carry permits issued by the state were issued to women.Women have learned that especially with todays shrinking budgets, law enforcement is generally behind the curve when it comes to reacting to violent crime. Because of our free society law enforcement is reactionary when it comes to violent crime. As painful as that can be at times we are far better off as a society for it but it forces the population to take on the role of its own defense.

Many people are still of the mistaken idea that if you call 911 the police will arrive in time to rescue us from a rape, robbery or assault in progress. The law enforcement community itself will tell you that this is seldom the case and they actually arrive at the scene in less than 1% of the events to catch the criminal in the act of committing a violent crime. More often than not they arrive to collect the evidence after the perpetrator has finished and fled the scene leaving the bleeding and broken, maimed or dead victims of their brutality.

According to Jim McMahon, the National Spokesperson for the American Council on Personal Safety, there is no group more in need of a feeling of personal safety than women.  Well over half of all women surveyed were very concerned that they or their loved ones would become victims of violent crimes. The anxiety level of these women over the personal safety of their families and themselves is climbing ever higher year after year.More and more women contact us regarding our basic pistol and rifle courses as well as our more advanced defensive firearms courses such as Personal Protection in the Home. Most go through our coed courses and often score as well as or even better than the men who have had some previous firearms experience. Maybe its the desire but I believe its more a case that we are starting with a clean canvas and have no bad habits to un-train.

As instructors, we do not have male students or female students. We only have students and work with each of them to give them the knowledge, skills and attitude to accomplish their goals for the course.

We do understand however, that even with the supportive environment found in our coed classes as we have mentioned, there are women who want to attend a class where all of the students are women for any number of reasons. We have in the past offered “Women Only” classes but unfortunately for some reason these have not been supported by the public. We do however offer a solution to this problem for you. If you have a group of 10 or more women that would like to schedule a training program we’ll be happy to not only schedule a special class for you but we’ll also provide your spot in the class for free!  Organize your friends, family, or co-workers for any ATFS class and you will attend free.  It’s great way to spend time with friends or family, while learning how to stay safe. It’s a great team building opportunity for your office or work group.

Contact Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School for more information or to reserve your class date now.

If you have ANY concerns about our firearms training programs, or your attendance in a coed class, we welcome the opportunity to discuss those with you at length. We want to answer your questions and provide you with all of the information that you need to make your choice. We dont want anything to stand between you and your desire for proper training.

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