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What makes us different?

At  Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School it is our goal to provide the very best training available anywhere at reasonable prices. Our training techniques are those developed, refined and continually updated by the NRA (National Rifle Association) over the last 135 years and used by top law enforcement and military professionals throughout this country and around the world.We firmly believe that fundamentals are the cornerstone of safety sport and survival.

With this attitude in mind we provide safe, fun and effective training in the use of firearms. Our firearms programs include introductory firearms classes and basic marksmanship classes for rifles, pistols and shotguns. We also offer more advanced and challenging courses in the defensive use of handguns, shotguns and rifles.

The knowledge, skills and attitude that our instructors impart is worth the price of admission alone. Add to that all of the practical shooting exercises in each class and we guarantee you a training opportunity that is jamb-packed with unforgettable experience and information wrapped in safety and security. All of our instructors whether full time staff or in our cadre of guest instructors have been handpicked because they have preformed exceptionally well in the field and have impeccable credentials.

It is your training dollar and you have the right to expect the very best. We make this promise to you- If you have completed a handgun permit course in any other school and still feel that you need or want more training, then attend a class with Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School and if you don’t get ten times more out of our training, we’ll cheerfully refund your money.


When looking for firearms training here are some questions you should askLooking for a quality instructor and quality school with comprehensive training programs can be terribly frustrating.  Here is a list of questions to ask the potential instructors that you speak to.  I have provided our answers for you here.  If you have any further questions please give us a call at 865.234.7053 or email us at info@firearmsschools.com

  1. Does the school teach the NRA Basic Classes?

Most do not because either their instructors are not certified by the NRA as Instructors or the time involved in teaching an NRA course. The NRA certification is the “gold standard” of firearms training. The NRA has trained more civilian, law enforcement and military shooters than any firearms training organization in the world.

  1. If so, what NRA classes are taught?

In the Pistol Discipline we teach Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home and the NRA’s Personal Protection Out-side the Home. We also offer FIRST Steps Shotgun, Basic Shotgun, First Steps Rifle, Basic Rifle, Home Firearms Safety, Certified Range Safety Officer and Refuse to be a Victim.

Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School also has a resident NRA Training Counselor which means we train instructors. We have instructor candidates from all over the south eastern United States working and studying here. We train 60 to 70 Tennessee Carry Permit and Kentucky Weapons Permit instructors every year.

  1. Does the other school’s TN Handgun Carry Permit class run the full 8 hours?

The State of Tennessee requires 8 hours of classroom and range time for the carry permit. If you are in and out in less time then you have been cheated, and YOU’RE NOT LEGAL! The Department of Safety has been known to secretly audit schools with complaints and not only pulled the credentials for the school and the instructor but REVOKED THE PERMITS of the students that were fraudulently issued by the schools operating outside of the regulations. We do not shortcut anything. It’s not fair to you and we won’t jeopardize our certifications for anything.

4.  What is the class size limit?

We prefer to keep it small (20 or less) for safety’s sake and to give the personalized attention students want and need. This is one reason that pre-registration is required.

  1. What do they use for training aids?

Anyone that has ever been involved in training and instruction should know that you learn best with maximum understanding and retention by seeing, doing, and hearing. We use posters, video, DVD, slides, computers and loads of hands-on devices. You also get the NRA’s text book for each course as well as a binder full of resource information and shooting exercises to keep so that you may practice your new skills any time you wish.

  1. What firearms will they train you on?

For our Basic Handgun Courses for example, we train with the semi-automatic pistol, double action revolver, and the single action revolver. We can provide the firearms and the ammunition if need be. We can also train you on your handgun. The same holds true for Rifle and shotgun courses! ! !

  1. How much actual shooting will you do?

In our Basic Pistol courses for example we will spend 4 hours on range activities and you will shoot approximately 100 rounds. It is our mission to make sure that you are comfortable with the firearm and without adequate opportunities for immediate practice you can’t develop the correct neural pathways (muscle memory).

  1. How much liability insurance do the instructors carry?

The State requires $300,000 for carry permit class instructors only. We carry $1,000,000 per incident per instructor for all classes.

  1. Do their instructors shoot outside of the training environment?

We do. We invite you to join us for skeet, trap, Single Action Shootist Society, Three Gun and/or IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assc.) matches or just plain “plinking” at the various clubs and ranges in the area.

  1. Finally, will they allow you to take the class again at cost?

We do. You may repeat any Basic Course AT NO CHARGE as often as you wish. Re-current training is included in that offer. The only costs you may have would be minimal in the way of ammunition and range fees. Why is that important? Two reasons actually. First of all, we want you to shoot frequently to stay “current” or expand your new skills and for the enjoyment of the shooting sports. Secondly for those of you who are taking a class for the Tennessee Carry Permit, you have a time limit to submit State Applications. Once you take a class with us you also get 10% discount on any other classes we teach.

Finally, we have invested literally thousands of hours and dollars in not only shooting instruction and teaching but in shooting itself for sport and profession. If price is your sole consideration in choosing a school then we suggest that you look elsewhere. If however, you are looking for great comprehensive firearms training that is safe, complete and funIN THAT ORDER -give us a call and come on in. Don’t settle for the training that comes in the box. Be confident. Be trained.