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What Our Students Are Saying About Us

“Just finished class with instructor Mike Crow! I hadn’t fired a gun in decades and wondered if I’d be able to pass the written test or hit a target. I was comfortable from the start and learned much more than I’d expected possible in a one day class. His step-by-step instruction on the firing range, along with suggestions for improvement, assured success. If you are interested in gun safety and firearm training, sign up… I highly recommend it!!”     -June B. 01/14/2017

“I just wanted to say thanks again for a great experience in your class yesterday. Your ability to present needed instruction and feedback in a positive and encouraging manner to each of your participants is a great asset that seems to be missing with many trainers today. Best wishes for continued success in your endeavors to educate responsible firearm ownership.”       -A. B. 01/2016

“Had a one on one training session for my daughter. I’m a former Military Officer- combat arms so I’ve had extensive firearms training. However, that’s been a few years and this is my daughter. You know how kids are, kids sometimes will hear the words from a stranger better than from you and even though firearms are natural to me – what little thing would I miss teaching her.  So I decided to hire someone to teach her the correct way. It was supposed to be a 4 hour class with some range time.  Mike spent the entire day working with her.  He provided excellent instruction and my daughter really took to it.  I could go into more detail as to his qualifications  but as a former military officer- I would highly recommend him.”     -Lynn B. 4/17/2016

“Three instructors answer all the questions our class of 19 had. A full day of class room instruction then 50 rounds of practice at the shooting range with helpful hints before 50 rounds into the targets for the state test. Our class had housewives, a group of nurses, a doctor, some ex military and families, learning a very serious subject.”    -Gordon J. 09/2015

“Fantastic class! Very informative and the instructor made it enjoyable”    -Nancy S. 08/2015

“Thanks Mike. It was a great class. I am looking forward to auditing the class when my wife is able to attend. Thanks again for working with us on rescheduling her.”    -SK 2016

“Thanks Mike. I have a few friends that I am going to recommend you to.”   -TL 2016

“I enjoyed your class and teaching methods. A good class from an experienced teacher is always better with real life issues added.”     -JGK 2016

“Thank you, I would definitely recommend your class to anyone. Thanks again,…”     – NS 2015

“Thanks again for a fun and informative class!”     -JD 2016

“Thanks again for all Your help and training as I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will definately stay in touch and would like to come back and take the inside and outside the home defense classes.”    – RH 2016