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Go Forth and Make Yourself Lucky

Dumb luck is a coin toss. Real luck is when inspiration meets perspiration. Something has inspired you to take a carry permit class. Now get out and do what it takes to build defensive skills and hone them to a finer edge so it’s not dumb luck you rely on when confronted by a violent individual that intends to take something from you at any cost. As Stephen Leacock, one of history’s greatest economists and political theorists once said, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”. […]

Teach Your Girls to Shoot

Be a Good Parent

Whether You Fire Your Handgun or Not Call 911

Just when you thought the attack was thwarted and the trouble was over you find out your troubles have just begun. If your life is threatened and you draw or otherwise expose your handgun, whether you shoot or not, call 911 or you could be in more trouble than you ever want to be in. Find out why. […]

Retention Holsters

I got an email from a student recently asking my thoughts on holsters with mechanical retention devices known as a “thumb break”. I sent him back the following response:

Next to the handgun itself, the holster is among the most important elements of carrying a defensive firearm. It is also one of the most […]