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Although Austin’s Tennessee Firearms School began as a firearms training academy it has grown to be so much more than that. Today Austin’s is recognized as a leader in not only Firearms training but Instructor training, Civilian Safety Awareness Program (OC Spray), Personal Protection with the use of the Universal Protection technique and much, much more. Scroll down and click on a subject that suits your needs


PistolPistol Classes
RifleRifle Classes


ShotgunShotgun Classes
Instructor Firearms Instructor Classes



Safety and Self Defense

ATFS Community, Workplace & Home Safety Programs


Lunch and Learn Programs featuring

  • Active Shooter Options for Businesses, Education and Churches
  • Security for the Business Traveler – Staying safe on the road, in the air at your destination.
  • Personal Travel- Tips for before you leave, while you’re away, while in transit or while you are at your destination.
  • Personal Safety for Realtors, Social Workers, Nurses and other in-home professionals
  • Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Training for Front Desk Professionals

Safe Home Visits

Business and Church Security  Assessments